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What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo can be described as a skin disorder which causes white spots on the facial or body skin. Pigment cells called “melanocytes” get destroyed and melanin production gets stopped. These cells are present throughout the hair, mouth, eyes and skin.

Who are the candidates?

Approximately, 1% of the population gets affected by vitiligo. According to data, 30% of the patients have said that vitiligo is present among their family members. Hyperthyroidism, deficiency of Vitamin D, Alopecia areata or Addison’s disease causes greater risk of Vitiligo.

What are the causes behind vitiligo?

The main reasons behind vitiligo is undefined and not specific. Combination of neurogenic, genetic and immunological factors cause vitiligo. Any kind of physical, emotional, chemical or mechanical trauma can also lead to vitiligo.

Treatment of vitiligo:

Corticosteroids: Corticosteroids may be used orally and is dependent on the severity of the disease. Corticosteroids may also be used to check the spread of disease.

Photo-chemotherapeutic treatment: Photo sensing agents are used in this procedure, that are taken orally. It is then followed by exposure of the affected area to ultra violet light.

Pseudocatalas: This is a modern treatment and gives promising result.

Immunomodulators: Immunomodulators are used to bring back the color of the affected area and also helps to check the spread of the disease.

Depigmenting agents: This method can be opted by patients who are severely affected by vitiligo and has been affected by more than 90% of the body.

Radio surgery: This procedure involves using radio waves to get rid of the unwanted skin layers. The edges of the scars are also flattened and deep scars are filled up.

Steroid injections: These injections can be used to keloid scars and hypertropic scars on the body.



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