Top 8 Hair Removal Myths – Busted!

Our hair is very important to us as it plays a primary role in overall beautification and presentation of oneself. However, when hair grows out of places you do not want them to be growing out of, you know the situation calls for a hair removal. Be it at home or in office sessions, hair removal treatments have become very widely used by the women of today. Want smooth skin? Check. Want to get rid of ingrown hairs? Check. And, there are several other reasons for hair removal. Here are the top 8 myths that have surrounded the sphere of hair removal and really need to be busted:

Myth 1: In-grown hair should be tweezed
Reality: In-grown hairs are very painful to touch and highly risky to be tweezed or pulled out roughly! Bringing a sharp object such as a tweezer near a sensitive in-grown bump is very risky and can cause it to bleed or get an infection. Gentle exfoliation is the best way to go in such situations or consulting the doctor in case of a severe bump.

Myth 2: Shaving leads to hair growing back thicker
Reality: This is one of those myths which have been around for quite some time now and honestly, it nowhere near being true. The actual reason behind feeling that hair grows back thicker after shaving is that when you shave, the hair is not completely uprooted, thus leaving behind a blunt and comparatively thicker portion sticking out of the skin which then grows out but it is not at all because of the method used to remove it.

Myth 3: Facial hair bleaching is the way to go
Reality: Waxing and threading are the best options to get rid of the extra or unwanted hair on your face and bleaching comes nowhere near them. Chemical bleaches ruin the skin by burning it as well as causing the skin to look patchy when the hair grows out. This happens before only the tip of a hair looks golden, which after hair regrowth, appears patchy because of visible dark roots.

Myth 4: Razors can be kept in the shower
Reality: It might be a widely followed practice, but is a rather unhealthy one. It is a moist environment inside your bathroom and is a favorable ground for bacteria and several kinds of germs. You should always wipe your razor dry and store it someplace else, away from moisture.

Myth 5: You can apply deodorant right after shaving
Reality: Not at all. Right after shaving, your skin is sensitive and more vulnerable to irritation after hair-removal. Waiting for 12-15 minutes before applying deodorant is a smart move. We have often experienced a severe burning sensation when using a deodorant right after shaving, especially in the armpits.

Myth 6: Shaving against hair growth is the best method
Reality: Shaving against your hair growth while might give you a better removal of hair, will provide you with several other things to worry about. In-grain hairs, irritation of the skin, redness, razor burn and minuscule cuts are all a result of poor against-the-grain shave.

Myth 7: It is okay to wax in between laser treatments
Reality: This is completely false as one should completely refrain from tweezing or waxing. This is because tweezing or waxing uproots the hair completely leaving behind nothing for the laser to treat and as a laser treatment goes on for multiple sessions, waxing should be pushed aside. Shaving during this time period is a good option.

Myth 8: Laser removal treatment is super expensive
Reality: To be honest, with growing popularity of laser hair removal treatments, the cost has significantly reduced. In fact, one session costs almost the same as that of a wax. They are comparatively expensive than a set of razors, but consider the hassle of shaving so frequently being gone with laser treatments. After a few sessions you do not have to worry about hair in unwanted places anymore.

It is better to research and clarify facts and figures than randomly basing your opinions on myths. A reality check is very necessary for taking the appropriate steps in life, especially when it comes to health and your beautification.