Top 8 Eczema Myths – Debunked!

Eczema is a condition where the skin is inflammatory, resulting in dryness and itching. There are no specific reasons as to why people have it and others do not. As it is unknown as to why Eczema occurs to some people in the first place, there are so many myths surrounding it. The top myths revolving around the condition of Eczema are:


Myth 1: Eczema is contagious

This is not at all true as it is an autoimmune disease. It is a genetic condition and is far from being contagious. Doctors believe that Eczema is caused by environmental and genetic factors. It cannot be transferred via physical touch.


Myth 2: If your family has a history of Eczema, your baby will have it too

As it is a genetic condition, there are increased risks that your child will have it too. But, it is not completely mandatory that your child will have it too. In fact, studies show that in sixty percent of the Eczema cases, the condition shows up within a baby’s first year itself. It is very important to moisturize the baby’s skin properly and researches show that Eczema can be prevented from occurring in the first place this way.


Myth 3: Stress causes Eczema

It is very important to understand that stress does not cause Eczema but acts as a catalyst in making this skin condition worse. This is because when we take stress, stress hormones are released that aggravate the condition. Stress can also make you very likely to scratch and hence, worsening the condition.


Myth 4: You cannot go swimming if you have Eczema

This is not at all true. People with Eczema can totally go and take a wonderful swim. But, it is important to take the necessary precautions by applying moisturizers and emollients to prevent possible flare-ups.

Myth 5: Eczema is curable

It is very unfortunate but the truth is that Eczema cannot be cured. However, there are ways to temporary relieve it or reduce it. Moisturizing the skin regularly and properly as well as opting for phototherapy or light treatments can temporarily relieve or reduce the condition. So what if it does not go, it can very effectively be kept under control.


Myth 6: Eczema clears up on its own

The reality is the quicker you treat Eczema, the better it is. Treating Eczema quickly helps in preventing it from turning into something more inflamed and highly problematic. The more the inflammation, the more the scratching. This can lead to a possible bacterial infection that worsens the condition. Proper lifestyle changes like avoiding foods known to trigger the condition, avoiding excessive heat and sweat and keeping the skin properly moisturized are the key basic things to be taken care of in order to keep Eczema under control. It is very important to take care of your skin and keep the condition under control before it gets vicious.


Myth 7: Eczema is only an exterior condition

It is a widely believed myth that Eczema is troubling for those who are more concerned about their looks. This is not the truth. It is very painful physically too, as there is constant itching and this affects your social life as well as the ability to focus on day to day activities like studying or working. Many researches also show that Eczema can also have negative impacts on an individual’s health. Researches also show that individuals suffering from Eczema are more likely to take up smoking or drinking, ignore working out and suffer from obesity or get diabetes than those who do not have the condition.


Myth 8: People who have Eczema are not clean

This is completely false as Eczema has nothing to do with an individual’s hygiene habits. Proper skin care is the key to keeping the condition under control. It is better to take a bath in warm water for better keeping of the condition in control.