Things You Should Know About Melasma Treatment

During pregnancy, or if you happen to take contraceptives regularly, you will notice you are getting dark patches of pigmentation on your face. This is a common skin condition and it is often triggered by hormonal imbalance, it is called melasma.

This kind of pigmentation is seen on the upper lip, cheeks, chin nose and forehead. This is a skin condition that get worse with heat, which why it is so important that you get it treated soon, and treated effectively. Laser hyperpigmentation treatment is one of the cheapest and most secure kinds of treatments. However, you should always avail these treatments from a certified cosmetic clinic from dermatologists who are approved and verified.

Basic Highlights Of Melasma.  

Melasma is heat sensitive

Melasma gets aggravated with the first exposure to heat. This heat can be from sun exposure, IPL treatment or even from heat producing lasers, saunas or hot showers.

It depends on your hormones

It is so inextricably linked to the pregnancy that it almost always comes with the process of conceiving a child. The contraceptive is also a potential imbalance of hormones, which is why that too leads to dark spots.

Sun exposure is bad

If you end up exposing yourself during the treatment, your skin has the absolute potential to burn up and get darker with unwanted pigmentation. Therefore when you go out, wear a lot of sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat is also a necessary.

How to treat melasma?

Very few people are lucky enough to have melasma disappear on its own. Otherwise there are creams which can be suggested by your dermatologist that lighten the skin .

There is also a whole range of topical steroids that attack the affected area nad chemical peels and dermabrasions are also possible options which are available. These treatments all remove the top layer of the skin, letting the patches turn lighter and then disappear.

Melasma Laser Treatment

It is a short but holistic treatment that will ensure better results.  The management of this skin condition essentially needs a personalised, detail plan and treatment for the best results.

In general it is advisable that you don’t try to cover up the patches of pigmentation. Using make up or any contact layer cosmetics might increase the risks of infection and mess up the whole treatment of melasma.

The only cosmetic you should be religiously using is a sunscreen. A sunscreen is a must not just before the treatment, but as your pigmentation gets lighter, make sure you never forget to apply the protection from the sun before going out.