Important Post Laser Skin Care Treatment

Who does not want perfect skin? Whether you are suffering from bad acne breakouts or skin pigmentation or any other birth mark that is in situated in such a place that you feel uncomfortable and your confidence gets hindered, all of the above are some really crucial moments when all you crave for is perfect skin.
Well, we are definitely lucky enough to be born in a generation where technological advancements in the field of aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgeries have reached an amazing level of greatness. All of your dreams about having the perfect skin can finally come true.
However, before you take up a laser skin brightening treatment or a laser skin tightening treatment or any of such treatments that enhance and clear your skin to a wonderful extent, it is very essential to know post laser skin care treatment. This helps in keeping the results longer and make sure that you get the best out of the treatment.
Many people also have extremely sensitive skin which, when exposed to laser beams, have a tendency to swell a bit badly or bruise. The good thing is that it is completely normal and so, there is absolutely no reason to panic. Lasers are very powerful and exposing them to something as soft and sensitive as human skin will definitely have a few side effects. These side effects are very common, redness and bruising of the skin being the most common. These go away very quickly with appropriate medications.
It is also very important to note that when going for such procedures, always make sure that the clinic that you have chosen has extensive experience and superb expertise in the field. If not so, the chances of severe complications go up badly.
So, here are the dos and don’ts that you definitely should follow when opting for any laser skin care treatment:

The Dos:
 After treatment, apply a cold pack to the area that has been treated by the laser for the first two or three days.
 Clean the area that has been treated for a number of two to five times in a day. Clean it with a saline solution or any other solution as recommended by the dermatologist.
 Apply skin care moisturizers to accelerate the healing process big time.
 Apply a physical sunscreen that is meant for sensitive skin. Don’t worry, we will recommend everything to you.
 It is best to quit bad habits like smoking as it drastically effects the process of recovery.

The Don’ts
 The most thing is to resist the urge to itch or pick at your skin. Scabs cause scarring. These scabs should be treated with lubricating creams which slowly makes them come off on their own, naturally.
 Don’t use certain acids like Benzyl Peroxide or glycolic acid on the face for several weeks. Don’t worry, Gracia Cutis will give you a detailed description on the same.
 Don’t get tanned or do a chemical peel throughout the series of treatments.
 Fillers or other injectables should be avoided two weeks before and after the treatment.
 Don’t fail to follow our instructions. It will only hinder your recovery process and time.