Is Your Skin Loosing Volume? Here Are The Warning Signs

Although spotting if wrinkles have started to appear is easy, trying to analyze if your overall skin volume is shredding down can be quite tricky. These changes are very subtle and you need to be extra observant in order to trace these minute changes in your skin. Whether your cheeks are seeming a bit more flatter to your eyes set a tad deeper, these changes indicate that your skin is losing its volume. So, the first step to correcting this is actually knowing how to track these changes.

The loss of skin volume is not only dependent on the process of aging but a variety of other factors determine it. Whether it is a bad lifestyle choice that you made to the environment around, each of these elements causes major plumpness of the skin. Genetic tendencies can also determine why you are having a loss of skin volume in the first place. At the same time, external factors like the harsh rays of the sun, air pollution, poor eating habits and a habit of smoking can make your skin volume shred significantly.

Why does it matter?
Volume loss of the skin can lead to various conditions which might not be something that you want. These changes in the skin make your overall appearance seem to be dull and tired. This makes you emit negative energies and this makes other people making those pre-conceived notions about you which are nothing but false. The following are the changes which are not really something that you look up to:
 Temples sinking down
 Wrinkles in the forehead and brow
 The surrounding area of the eyes getting hollow
 Turning down the corners of the mouth
 Cheeks that are more flattered
 Loose skin surrounding the jaw

The warning signs
 The lower jawline and chin surrounded by saggy skin adds unwanted years to your appearance and makes you look older than you really are. This is definitely something which you do not want.
 Lips that are thinning. Lips are a major beautifying factor of any individual and sadly, they are not immune to losing volume with age either. Thinning lips make an individual look unhealthy, unemotional and older.
 Sagging cheeks that are hollow. Flattened cheeks that have begun to sag are a major warning sign that your skin is losing volume at an alarming rate. Hollow cheeks make an individual look fatigued and it definitely does not give out the right vibes.
 Formation of eye bags. Eye bags are a nightmare for most of us. It not only makes us look tired but we also end up getting those “are you sick?” questions from many people. This is definitely something anyone would want to steer away from. This is another warning sign of your skin rapidly losing its volume as the skin laxity is causing the skin around the eyes to deepen and appear hollow.

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