Helios II – Gracia Cutis’ Solution For Flawless Skin

Why Gracis Cutis uses Helios II?

Helios II is a Q Switch ND:YAG Fractional Laser treatment consists of all the latest and advanced innovations in laser technology. There are multiple modes that can be used in order to deal with different skin issues. While the 523nm mode is used to target and remove epidermal skin issues like sun spots and freckles, the 1064nm mode treats the deeper dermal layer of discolorations such as Tattoos and Melasma. Helios II has set a new benchmark in the realm of aesthetic dermatology.

Gracia Cutis uses the latest and top technological masterpieces in order to treat their patients. This is the reason why Helios II has been bought and made into an integral part of the services that we offer. It is a very versatile laser and can treat almost every skin problem that can range from freckles to sun spots. In fact, there can also be improvements in conditions like Rosacea through the settings that Helios II has. Through these settings, small vascular anomalies are targeted. It is a great solution for those looking for the best anti-aging treatmentsand zero  downtime. Not just that, birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks are taken care of with the help of Helios II as well.

How does Helios II work?

Helios II has a proprietary 4g toning technology which is magnificent. It basically means that the toning of your skin occurs at four levels, from the outer surface to the deepest layers. In this way, the laser targets the pigments at all levels.

Helios II is best suited for laser toning and has gained immense popularity because of it. So, what exactly is laser toning? It is the process of evening out the complexion of the skin with the usage of a focused beam of laser. Through laser toning, dullness of the skin and tanning are taken care of effectively. This, in turn makes the skin gain a lighter tone and look more refreshed. The amazing thing about Helios II is that it has absolutely no downtime involved.

Many people also have various queries and worries about the side effects it might bring. Not to worry, as Helios II hardly brings any side effects and it extremely safe to use as well. Even if it is used over longer sessions, there are no side effects and the results are great too.

In fact, one won’t be feeling any discomfort when Helios II does its work. Almost instantly there is lightening and brightening of the skin which leads to an immediate glow to the areas which have been treated. The fine hairs get lightened as well. It takes 10-15 minutes at the most and is very time-efficient. There is a slight redness of the skin after the procedure but, it goes away in 15-30 minutes.

We, at Gracia Cutis, always aim at being technologically updated to ensure the best experience and results in our customers. Aesthetic Dermatology is a field that is going through many transformations and we stay up-to-date with it. The usage of Helios II is our clinic is one of the best examples of how we excel technologically in order to give you the best treatment possible.