Treating Dark Circles: The Myths and Reality

Dark circles and hollow under eyes are a very common problem that many people suffer from and tons of remedies are available out there that claim to get rid of them. Unfortunately, most of these remedies are just myths. Although they claim to be able to get rid of the dark circles or hollowness around your eyes, they’re actually only useful in preventing the problem from getting worse. Not only do they make us look tired and weary, but our overall appearance suffers a lot from it too. We fail to look appealing and often give out bad first impressions.

Misinformation is worse than anything else. We, at Gracia Cutis, aim at letting our clients know about each and every thing related to the treatments they are getting done. There are way too many myths revolving around skincare and dark circles which made us decide to dispel them for you.

So, we are going to discuss and debunk the most common myths that you should avoid getting tricked by. These myths might prove effective in preventing those dark circles from getting worse but, offer absolutely no long term solution for it.


1 .     A lack of sleep is the main cause of dark circles

 This is one of the most widely believed myths which is actually not true. Dark circles appear to be more pronounced when we are tired or had a rough day. But, they do not play a role in causing dark circles. Dark circles are caused by a variety of factors, which are:

  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Allergies
  • Under-eye fat loss, which creates a shadow
  • Genetics
  • Thinning skin revealing blue and purple veins


2.  Creams can eliminate dark circles

 There are numerous creams in the market now that claim to be able to get rid of your dark circles. But, do they actually do so in reality? It is very important to understand that eliminating something and preventing something from increasing are two completely different things. These creams might be able to do the latter but, they cannot eliminate your dark circles completely. Plus, they act like just a temporary fix to mask the problem and not eliminate it.

As soon as you stop their usage, your under-eyes will get back to the same hideous state they used to be in. To add to this, many of these creams also contain harmful chemicals that damage your skin over time.


3.     There is no permanent solution for dark circles

 This is also another one of those myths that are widely believed. Creams and lotions can give you temporary results but, in order to get permanent results, one can easily prefer a dark circle removal laser treatment done.

However, it is always necessary to get it done from a professional dermatologist or a clinic specializing in laser treatments. This is because, the area around the eyes is very sensitive and needs to be treated very carefully in order to prevent serious complications.

Laser treatments have become increasingly popular in the modern world and there is definitely a good reason behind this. Not only do they give faster results and decrease the downtime significantly, butthey are non-invasive and have minimal to no side effects involved.


4.    Home remedies are great in removing dark circles

Although better than those chemical-based creams, home remedies like pressing cold cucumbers over the eyes and other methods are a temporary solution to lightening those dark circles. But, none of these home remedies remove dark circles completely. They are not at all effective when viewed from a long-term perspective.


5.  Dark circles are caused by sleeping with the head face down on the                     pillow

 This is not at all true. Sleeping on the stomach with head lying face down on the pillow can cause puffiness around the eyes as fluid around the eyes gets constricted, but it does not cause dark circles.


6.    Diet does not play any role

If your diet does not contain the essential nutrients and vitamins, then it is more likely for you to develop dark circles. Alcohol, drinking and caffeine addiction also makes the blood vessels to appear prominently, which makes your dark circles appear darker.