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Brightening treatment

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Skin brightening

Skin brightening is also known as skin whitening treatment by which the skin’s complexion is vividly lightened and brightened. Through this treatment, the production of skin darkening pigment “melanin” is reduced. Skin brightening is also an ideal solution for ones who wish to fix skin problems like freckles, fine lines, discoloration of skin caused by hormones or acne scars. The skin brightening treatment thus effectively targets at multiple skin issues and Gracia Cutis is the leading and advanced clinic for skin whitening treatment in kolkata.

The determinant of skin color is owed to the pigment called melanin. Specialized cells known as melanocytes produce melanin that imparts the color to our skin. Exposure to sunlight, skin damage, genetic makeup, hormones can also affect the production of melanin. The production of melanin is reduced by tyrosinase. Exfoliating substances and agents are inducted into it in the form of different types of chemical peel treatments to generate the wanted results by the clients.



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