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Tattoo removal

Regret being Inked; Remove it

Tattoo removal is a procedure by which unwanted tattoo can be removed from the body. Laser tattoo removal procedure effectively removes the tattoo with minimum side effects. Laser breaks the pigment colors of the tattoo using a high intensity laser beam. Black tattoos are the easiest to treat as it effectively absorbs all laser wavelengths. Tattoos of different colors can be removed by using selected laser beam. The number of treatments of tattoo removal is dependent of the size, color and the age of the tattoo.

Fewer pulses can treat smaller tattoos and larger ones will require more pulses. After each visit with the professional, the tattoo mark will get distinctly lighter. Ice pack can be used after the treatment to instantly soothe the area. Antibiotic cream or ointment should also be bandaged to protect the area. The patient must also make sure that the area is covered with sunscreen before stepping outside.



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