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What are moles?

Almost everyone has one or more moles on their body. Mole may be most easily defined as a dark brown spot that may have varying shapes and appearances. The pigment called melanocytes gives the brown hue to the moles. Moles can get darker and multiply with exposure to sunlight.

Moles first appear as flat and looks similar to a freckle. It can be black, pink or brown in color. Gradually, mole gets enlarged and develops hair on it. Moles can gradually become increasingly raised and lighten its hue. While some moles can fade away, some moles worsen over time.

What are the causes behind developing moles?

Moles may develop from the genes we inherit. Increasing exposure to sunlight may also develop moles.

Treatment of moles

Commonly, moles are not cancerous and does not pose a threat to the health of a person. In case a mole grows abnormally, the doctor may do a biopsy to check whether the mole is benign or not. Irregular moles can be removed with the help of a surgical procedure. A person also wishes to remove moles owing to its unattractiveness. Such moles can be removed by shaving it off or cutting the affected area and stitching it off.

Moles can also reappear after being removed. Regular check up to the doctor is advised to keep their growth in check.



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