Tattoo removal by laser better than any tattoo removal cream

Tattoo removal by Laser is the most convenient non-surgical treatment option. This what the leading dermatologist in Kolkata Dr. Rajib Roy has to say-

• Tattoo removal creams only cause the tattoo’s actual shade to fade to some extent, leaving an improper version of the original tattoo and it can become a permanent scar.
• Tattoo removal creams work only at the surface level of the skin while the tattoo ink actually goes into it’s a subsequent layer, thus the cream is actually ineffective.
• Tattoo removal creams can have various side effects like redness, rashes, skin discoloration, etc.


• Lasers are effective as whatever be the color pigment of the tattoo, be it black, red, green the particular kinds of laser beams are available for various color pigments and treats the ink at its very root to genuinely fade away after a few sessions.

•Laser treatment has negligible effects and pain is quite bearable.

•With proper laser protocols and post laser treatment care under the guidance of your dermatologist, it will be most unlikely that a scar will remain after the laser treatment.