Scalp Psoriasis Treatment At Gracia Cutis

Study shows that at least half of the people suffering from psoriasis have it on their scalp. Scalp psoriasis will cause skin cells on your scalp to grow rapidly and develop thick scales called plaques. The areas surrounding them will usually be red and itchy.
Scalp psoriasis can be mild or severe in which case it can even cause skin crusting on the forehead, areas surrounding the nose and beard, even the ears.
Now, first of all, there is no complete cure for Psoriasis, but there are many ways in which it can be managed effectively. Here are some of the best remedial measures as suggested by the best skin specialist in Kolkata, Dr.
Rajib Roy for the scalp psoriasis treatment:
• Mild medications for less severe cases, either orally or through injections, or as suggested by your dermatologist analyzing your condition.
• Apply medicated shampoos on your scalp that contains salicylic acids, coal tars (these are a peeling agent that greatly help in softening the scales) or as prescribed by your doctor.
• It is good to apply thick creams to your scalp while it still has more moisture in it, i.e. after a bath. Use fine-toothed combs to comb your hair.
• Most importantly, you need to take it easy; i.e., you need not be stressed as anxiety can trigger psoriasis to cause itchiness and skin irritation. You need to eat healthily and being involved in relaxation activities like meditation is also helpful.
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