Atopic Dermatitis Treatment From The Leading Dermatologist in Kolkata

Atopic dermatitis, or atopic eczema, is the most common type of eczema. Studies show that around one-fifth of the people around the world are affected by it. It has been prevalent throughout the world, especially since the onset of the 19th century and most prevalent in developing countries. The person that is most likely, easily affected by it is the child. Atopic dermatitis in children make them more sensitive to food, allergens present in the air, also cause patches of dry skin that can become itchy, red, and inflamed; and make children more vulnerable to high fever, or asthma. Atopic dermatitis is curable with proper atopic dermatitis treatment by a certified dermatologist.

Common Atopic dermatitis Symptoms:

When the person is exposed to:
• Allergens like pollens, dust, cockroach eggs, etc.
• Anything the person eats for instance peanuts, etc.
• Skin irritants, e.g. cloth fabrics (e.g. Jute), soap, common household detergents, etc.
And Many More.

Atopic dermatitis Treatment-
Atopic dermatitis habitual, reoccurring disease and usually, it cannot be cured completely. Some of the methods to prevent this disease are:

•Maintain a healthy diet. Observe that there is something that triggers skin irritations immediately or after a while, especially after you eat or drink something in particular.
•Keep your skin moisturized through medically prescribed good moisturizers and emollient creams so that at least skin dryness cannot be the option to trigger itchiness.
•Exercise also helps as sweating helps curtail the irritation.
•Take a warm water bath, use mild soaps for that purpose.
•When eczema is intensified, application of drug treatments is needed, for which corticosteroid creams are generally applied. In acute and chronic eczema, in addition to topical treatments, systemic laser light therapy might also be required.