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Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infection

What is a Bacterial infection?

Bacteria are unicellular organisms that under the microscope appear ball, rod, or spiral shaped. Less than one percent of all bacteria are harmful and a lot of bacteria are actually helpful.

strains of staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Who are the candidates?

Bacterial infection is fairly common as a disease and almost anyone get it. Anyone who lives an excessively unhealthy lifestyle or doesn’t maintain good hygiene has more chances of getting the diseases.

What are the causes behind bacterial infections?

A bacterial infection is caused when Bacterial bodies enter through a break in the skin. The risk of infection is higher just in case one had a weakened immune system.

There are four basic types of bacterial skin diseases, which include 

  • Cellulitis- cellulitis causes an inflammation which is red and warm to the touch. Most often cellulitis occurs on the lower leg but they can happen on any part of the body.
  • Folliculitis is an infection that attacks the roots of the body hair. Folliculitis causes swollen red bumps that look like pimples and happen from dirty pools and bathtubs.
  • Impetigo is a disease that is mostly seen in children. The bullous kind of impetigo causes large blisters while the non bullous causes crusty, yellow in its appearance.
  • Boils- boils too start in the hair follicles. They are red fork tender bumps that keep aggravating till pus accumulates under the skin.

Treatment of bacterial infections

Antibiotics are the medications prescribed for bacterial infections. They usually work by disrupting the process of regeneration for the bacteria

A dermatologist or a general physician can always diagnose common bacterial infection



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